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Mary T. Green for Judge
186th Judicial District Court

About Mary T. Green

  • MySA.com: 2011 Prosecutor of the Year Award, recognized by the State Bar of Texas, Criminal Justice Division and the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association. View article
  • MySA.com: Man admits two killings, failed murder plot.View article
  • MySA.com: 4 life terms for using girl as sex slave. View article
  • MySA.com: 3 Mexican Mafia members convicted. View article

Mary T. Green, born in Sligo, Ireland, grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. She earned her Associates degree at Del Mar Junior College and proceeded to the University of Texas-Austin where she earned both her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Education degrees. While in Austin, Mary worked as a reading specialist for seven years, primarily with low income students, in the Austin Independent School District. After earning her law degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law in 1986, Mary joined the District Attorney’s office and has been committed to Bexar County ever since.

In her 27 years as a Bexar County prosecutor, Mary has been acting as a First Chair Felony trial lawyer since 1992. She has earned numerous awards for her efforts including Prosecutor of the Year from the International Latino Gang Investigators Association (2008) and Prosecutor of the Year from the State Bar of Texas (2011). Throughout her tenure in prosecution Mary has earned a reputation as a tough but fair negotiator as well as an ethical and straight-forward trial attorney. Her commitment to preparation, research of legal issues and jury presentations are well known and highly respected. Her leadership in over one hundred serious Felony jury trials has resulted in numerous death penalties, life without parole and life term sentences. These sentences insure that the most dangerous criminals, be they hardened prison gang members, jealous spouses or child abusers are removed from society for the safety of the community as a whole. Mary also recognizes that early intervention through education and piloted therapies can be successful in breaking the chain of violence that plagues many areas of Bexar County.

Mary is dedicated to treating the victims of crime with compassion and upholding her commitment to justice. When making the decision of who to support in this race, please consider the experience, expertise and reputation of Mary T. Green and her lifetime efforts on behalf of the citizens of Bexar County.

Mary T. Green

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